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The best way to support Golden Rescue is to become a monthly donor. You can donate through Canada Helps or with direct withdrawals, credit card or post-dated cheques. Monthly donors also get complimentary copies of The Guardian - our much-loved quarterly newsletter with everything you need to know about what’s happening at Golden Rescue.

We provide a healthy, safe environment and find loving, forever families for Goldens who have been neglected, abused, abandoned or surrendered. We provide second chances.


Golden Rescue relies solely on the financial support of generous donors to rescue Golden Retrievers. Unfortunately, there are too many Goldens who need rescuing on an all-too-regular basis.  Asher was thrown out of a moving car on a major highway in Ontario. Thankfully, the car behind picked him up and then called Golden Rescue. Sadie was found at Casino Rama wandering with 'FREE' spray painted on both sides of her matted fur. Thelma and Louise, seniors at 12 years old, were abandoned in the forest north of Montreal with their microchips cruelly cut out of them, drenched by rain, hungry and frightened. These painful stories only skim the surface of the Goldens who have landed in our arms, have been rehabilitated and healed and have found their happily ever after with new forever families. 

On average, it costs approximately $1,750 to put one Golden through our program.  Most of this cost is devoted to medical care, and if restorative surgery or long-term care is needed, particularly for our older Goldens, the costs can be much higher.

Golden Rescue is run solely by a dedicated, tireless team of volunteers, each with a heart of ‘gold’ and a singular vision to ensure that no Golden in need is ever turned away and that every Golden is given the care, love, time and medical attention required to help heal a broken spirit or deal with various health issues. The ideal happy ending for each of our Goldens is to be placed with a loving forever family who can mitigate the effects of being abandoned, abused, neglected or surrendered.   

We need your help to continue to save Goldens in dire circumstances like Asher, Sadie and Thelma and Louise.  Without your help, we cannot even imagine what would happen to so many Goldens who are subjected to such unthinkable treatment.  

100% of your donation goes to Golden Rescue. Please help us give a Golden a second chance.