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“Daisy changed my life. Six months after my husband passed away, our family Golden Toby crossed the Rainbow Bridge. My home and my life seemed empty and bare until I decided to rescue a Golden. This is when I met the good folks at Golden Rescue and my dear, dear Daisy. Both Daisy and I got a new start and I still wonder who rescued who in this story of mutual rebirth. By remembering GR in my will, it made me feel like I was giving something back for my good fortune as I could help more Goldens like Daisy in years to come.” CN

I know the rescuing of this magnificent breed is as near to your heart as it is to ours. Making a gift in your will to Golden Rescue is an opportunity to make your passion a promise ~ to give Goldens in need a ‘second chance’... now and into the future.

Now is the time to leave a legacy beyond your lifetime to say what is important to you. It is the essence of giving, to leave your mark, and make a difference in a cause that defines you as a person.

The first Golden who came into our program was a ten-month-old pup whose only sin was a lack of proper training and exercise. That Golden was Cyrus and he was about to be given to a shelter when GR’s founder interceded. No doubt the dog would have been euthanized. Instead, with love, patience, and training, Cyrus became a wonderful family member and spent 12 happy years giving his forever family love, pleasure, and joy and coincidently was responsible for the actual formation of Golden Rescue.

The second Golden who came into GR’s care was a four-year-old girl who had been hit by a car. With a fractured pelvis, Lucy was slated to be euthanized that day until a caring vet called the fledgling Golden Rescue, not even an organization in those first days, and Golden Rescue saved her life. Since those early days, over 2,100 Goldens have been saved ~ some from horrific situations and some from unfortunate situations like a death, divorce or financial hardship in the family.

We wish we could say that there will be no more Goldens like Daisy, Cyrus, and Lucy. We can’t envision a day when we won’t be needed. All the more reason that Golden Rescue needs your help.

Wills are a sensitive subject. Many people do not like to talk or think about them. But they can be a positive expression of our personal priorities and values. Leaving a gift to charity does not mean that you do not take care of your family and loved ones first. Gifts of any size make a difference. You may consider leaving a percentage of the residual of your estate to Golden Rescue (Canadian Golden Retriever Adoption Service Inc.) only after your loved ones have been taken care of.

We know that it may be many years, even decades, before we receive any of the gifts our dedicated donors have left, but knowing that Golden Rescue is included in wills helps us plan better and can make more confident decisions and commitments to our rescue efforts.

Our work is always taking us into the future. Legacy gifts planned today will ensure that we’ll be able to continue to rescue every Golden who comes into our care and would allow us to expand our mandate to other provinces, as the need for our help already exists well beyond Ontario’s borders.

A pledge of a gift in your will is the commitment to Goldens like Daisy, Cyrus, and Lucy in the future. You can be a part of secure financial prospects for Golden Rescue and know today what your Goldens did for you, you will do for other Goldens to come.

We invite you to learn more about estate planning and leaving a gift in your will by contacting me for more information or fill in and return the enclosed form.

Thank you for considering our special invitation to make a lasting memory of your golden moments and an investment in the Goldens we all love.

We hope you make your passion for our Goldens a promise for the future!

Warm regards,
Barry Dell
Director – Planned Giving

p.s. Please get in touch with us today to discuss how you can make an important contribution to Goldens who need our help.