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Wishbone Lottery

Wishbone Lottery: Dinner for Two Anywhere in the World!

Grand prize winner for a dinner for two anywhere in the world! Tickets are $40 each or 3 for $100 (no limit). Maximum 5,000 tickets to be sold.

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Long-Distance Transporters

Golden Angels Long-Distance Transporters

Golden Rescue has an amazing transport team.  These volunteers answer the call every single time transport is needed…whether it be an emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately or less urgent transports.  The ones we’d like to tell you about now are the ‘long-distance’ transporters.  These are angels who are willing to get up at the crack of dawn, drive great distances (8 to 12 hours), waiting for hours at an airport for arriving Goldens, and spend a largely sleepless night in a hotel with their often smelly, exhausted but grateful Golden who is experiencing their first night in a foreign land. …

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Cindy Wallach

Golden Angels Cindy Wallach

Cindy started volunteering for Golden Rescue over 10 years ago.  A Golden lover for most of her life, Cindy loves working with Golden Rescue.  After she retired as a school principal in 2007, she saw the GR booth at Kempenfest and knew this is what she wanted to do.  At the time, Cindy had four Goldens of her own but started to foster anyway,  That’s quite a house full but Cindy loved it. …

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Robyne Ahmed

Golden Angels Robyne Ahmed

Robyne is a volunteer coordinator who coordinates other Golden Rescue volunteers and she loves what she does.  Robyne says, and we quote, “I find the work I do with Golden Rescue so rewarding.  I love that I’m somehow making a difference in Golden’s lives, helping them on their way to a loving, safe home.  I feel especially proud of the Rescue Mission of Love as my Golden Cailey #2612 came from Istanbul.” …

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