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Nancy Bourguet

Golden Angels Nancy Bourguet

Nancy is one of our newest volunteers in Quebec.  Nancy first encountered Golden Rescue when she was thinking of adopting.  The adoption didn’t happen so she decided to apply to become a foster.  As time passed, Nancy met some other volunteers and, at that point, she moved into high gear.  Nancy started to put her hand up for everything.  The first thing she did was organize Golden Rescue’s first Quebec event at Finnegan’s Market in Hudson. …

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Karin Bauer & Bob Jean

Golden Angels Karin Bauer & Bob Jean

Karin and Bob are two experienced foster angels.  They have had Goldens for over 20 years and know and love our goofy breed.  Over the years, they have become very proficient at training and providing the remedial work required to give our Goldens a second chance.  In fact, Karin previously had her own pet care business and has drawn on that experience many times to help Goldens in their care.  Karin and Bob are a great team with Karin handling most of the training needs and Bob handling the rest, including all the administration. …

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From Calamity to Camelot…

From Calamity to Camelot...

From Calamity to Camelot… If a picture’s worth a thousand words, this one is priceless. In what parallel universe could two suffering strangers surpass all expectations and not only survive but thrive as a pair of bonded and cuddling couch buddies? Merlin, named for the sage in Arthurian legend, was struck by two vehicles on the streets of Turkey and staved off foes in the nearby forest with his ferocious bark and ability to play dead.…

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