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We are looking for a volunteer who is organized, creative, fun-loving, and open-minded who will be dedicated to the annual picnic ideally for five years. Attending the picnic every year is critical as you will be its key organizer. The key priorities include:

  • creating activities and the agenda for the picnic.
  • generating communication messages from April to September for promoting the picnic and providing updated information for those attending.
  • booking/renting items for the picnic.
  • overseeing the volunteer coordinator to make sure all activities are well ‘staffed’.
  • You must be super-positive, highly organized, and a strong and positive communicator and have the ability to critically think and create solutions when problems arise. The days prior to the picnic require lots of energy as the picnic will have you on your toes at all times. Even though the role is called a ‘chair’, you won’t ever be sitting in one 😊. You will be provided with training and all the support you need.

Estimated time Commitment: March to August: a few hours each week, September: approximately 7-10 hours per week.

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