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Nikki adored her first Golden, Charlee, and fell in love with this wonderful breed. Luckily for us, Nikki’s love for Charlee was the impetus behind exploring the GR website as she wanted to see how she could help. The first thing Nikki signed up for was to foster a Golden. The experience of watching her first foster transform under her care to seeing her adopted by a wonderful forever family was such a wonderful experience that she asked to join the placement team. To use Nikki’s words: “Placing a pup with their new family or witnessing the transformation of a foster to their amazing self brings me an overwhelming sense of joy”. For us it is a ‘joy’ to work with Nikki who never says no if she can help. Besides fostering and being an integral member on the placement team, Nikki has helped with transports and home visits. Nikki lives in Edmonton and she shares her life with Goldens Bailey, Finn the lapdog, and Casey, who is not in the photo as he can’t sit still long enough.Thank you, Nikki, for all you do and thank you Charlee for giving your mom the idea for coming to our rescue! We are SO lucky to have her in our corner.

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