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#3458 Betsy

When Betsy first arrived in our home as a foster, she was afraid of the outdoors, snow, the car, and the TV. She was shy and not very sociable. Today her confidence level has soared and she now enjoys her walks and car rides. She is totally a social butterfly when she meets strangers, especially children. She is still cautious...

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#3451 Jack

Jack is a loving, gentle, and calm boy with just the right amount of puppy energy. He has made friends with a couple of the neighborhood dogs and plays really well with them. He is good on the leash and is even learning not to pull when he gets distracted. He is a smart gaffer and we love him to...

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#3384 Rosko

I welcomed Sasha, who turned out to be Sasham, and who is now Rosko. This boy arrived from Cairo and in less than four weeks, he has turned into a model puppy who has settled in beautifully to our Canadian ways. He has learned all his commands and recall at breakneck speed and has figured out a way to weasel...

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#3428 Annie

The most difficult thing about adopting Annie was her flight being delayed a week, which left us wracked with anticipation. The wait was worth it! When Annie arrived, she came out of her crate bouncing and jumping as if she had won the lottery and was looking forward to a very bright future ~ there wasn’t an ounce of trepidation...

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#3364 Walli

When Walli came out of his crate at the airport when he arrived from Cairo, he was quiet, reserved, and pretty unsure of himself. Today Walli is the life of the party…so much so that he is nicknamed Wala-Wala-Bing-Bang. He loves his forever fur-brother Duke and they love to play together. He also loves his walks, playtime, belly rubs, and...

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#2845 Jerry

Jerry came out of his crate at the airport wagging his tail and it has been wagging ever since. This Istanbul boy has been nicknamed ‘Jerry the Cuddler’ because he is a cuddle champion. This strong boy had a great trainer to help with his leash training, which was successful but funnily enough the trainer’s name was Terry and his...

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#2314 Nike…the story continues

Nike is our third Golden in our Golden-loving family. Daisy #912 was our second Golden, also adopted from GR. Nike came from Istanbul and loves every minute of her new Canadian home. In 2016, she lost an eye due to melanoma but this has not stopped her one little bit from keeping a constant watch on the comings and goings...

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#3354 Midas

Meet Midas…another Cairo transplant! This handsome Egyptian dude has acclimatized very well to Canada. He has a lovely backyard, a swimming pool, a place to join mom while doing yoga (although he’s not very helpful as he jumps on me and doesn’t let me move), and a food bowl that gets filled twice a day like clockwork. Being the only...

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