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#2870 Sam

Hi everyone…my name is Sam and I’m three years old.  I have been away at school for almost two months and my amazing teacher says I’m ready to graduate.  The problem I was having is I was aggressive with other dogs.  Now?  I still don’t like other dogs but I have learned to tolerate them particularly when I’m out for my walk.  This is a big deal for me but I’ve figured it out.  …

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#3064 Minnie

Hi everyone…my name is Minnie and I’m two years old.  I might have been named Minnie because I’m only 60 pounds.  I don’t like to brag but my fantastic foster mom described me to someone as “cute, cuddly, very loving, and pretty much the perfect Golden”.  Ah shucks.  I do have one thing you need to know.  I have a skin irritation.  It used to be really bad but I now have the right spray and shampoo and it has improved a lot.  …

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#3111 Chelsea

(singing) “Woke up it was a Chelsea morning and the first thing that I heard…” …was my amazing foster mom saying “Good morning Chelsea” and I think to myself that it is indeed a good morning as I’m safe and loved.  The good people of GR rescued me ~ what a lucky girl I am.  Let me introduce myself.  As you must have figured out by now, my name is Chelsea and I’m around ten years old.  …

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#2915 Shiloh

Hi everyone…my name is Shiloh and I am an 11’ish female (although a lady usually doesn’t divulge her age but, in this case, I can make an exception…teehee).  Before I met the good folks at Golden Rescue, I was 60 pounds overweight ~ not a pretty sight.  In fact, the doc said my mobility was so bad that I might need ligament surgery on both legs ~ yikes.  My amazing foster parents put me on a strict diet and introduced me to regular exercise.  …

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#3113 Roxy

Hi my name is Roxy and I am two years old and a wee girl of 45 lbs. My wonderful foster family describe me as a sweetheart who is genuinely affectionate and loves her people! That’s me all right. I am gentle with my food and treats and I love to play fetch with my ball and frisbee. I have been going to school to learn about myself and what I need.…

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#2974 Cher

Cher came to Canada from Istanbul and immediately fell in love with our family and her new Golden brother. Wait for it…yes, his name is Sonny. Sonny was a rescue from Mexico so we are truly an international family. Cher thinks she has died and gone to heaven and apart from feeling love all around her, she is understandably very focused on when she might next be fed. When she first arrived home, Sonny howled a very loud greeting as if to say “I’ve got you babe”.…

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#2958 Sari

Sarisin (Sari for short) means ‘Blondie’ in Turkish. His arrival name ‘Clyde’ didn’t suit him but he has taken to his new name beautifully. Sari arrived underweight with a wound on his ear and ear infections. It didn’t take long to clear all that up and now Sari is doing beautifully. This boy loves meeting people and he got 100% on his training/behavioural course. He loves the car but prefers to ride shotgun (but is not allowed).…

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#2904 Cleo – The Next Chapter

My name is Cleo and I arrived from Egypt on November 26th. Life in Cairo was not good. You should have seen how excited I was to be released from my crate after a long airplane ride. My new mom was crying (a LOT) and was so excited to welcome me into her arms. My dad was waiting for me at home and kept bugging us about how much longer we would be.…

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