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#3710 Puppy

Bonjour!  Je m’apelle Puppy.  I’m a seven-year-old boy and as you might have guessed, my first language is French but I’m getting the hang of English just fine.  I am settling into my new routine with all the good people at GR and my wonderful foster family have made this transition very easy for me.  I was a little nervous...

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#3702 Honey

It is heartwarming to have received so much interest in  Honey; however, we are no longer accepting inquiries for Honey as we are having trouble responding to everyone.  Thank you again for considering! Honey Pie you are driving me crazy I’m in love but I’m lazy So, Honey please come home Oh, hello everybody!  Excuse me, I was just listening...

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#3560 Milo

It is heartwarming to have received so much interest in Milo; however, we are no longer accepting inquiries for Milo as we are having trouble responding to everyone.  Thank you again for considering! Hello everyone, my name is Milo and I’m an eight-year-old blonde Golden, as you can see!  My foster mom calls me ‘handsome’…aw shucks!  My foster family has...

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#3580 Fluff

Hi everyone my name is Fluff and I’m around three years old.  I came from Cairo with the name Fluffy.  The folks here have dropped the ‘Y’…which is a little better but ‘Fluffy’ for a boy???  It’s a little embarrassing.  My previous life was less than perfect (besides my name), making me cautious when I first meet new people.  Once...

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#3505 Kairo

Kairo from Cairo has a personality all of her own. This very smart girl has Houdini-like abilities ~ like opening closed doors. So much so that we have had to Kairo-proof our door handles. She is loving her new home and us. Her features are coming in beautifully and she’s a true beauty. She loves her Golden sister, Shilah Rose,...

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#3587 Mona

Mona came all the way from Cairo and is now living in Whitehorse. This world traveler is doing exceptionally well in her new home. She has already hiked a mountain and seen some pretty spectacular scenery. Her new big sister, Ruby, has been so kind and patient to Mona so all is well in our corner of this beautiful country....

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#3640 Daisy

Daisy must think she has died and gone to heaven. Here she is with her favourite pink bear, which she takes with her everywhere. Here’s another with her mom having her first spa bath. We’re pretty sure there were no pink bears or spa baths on the streets of Cairo. Cairo has also changed her new granny’s life by visiting...

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#3599 Forrest

Forrest arrived in Toronto covered in a fine dust, hair all matted, and an odour only a mother could love. Once out of the crate, walked, and watered, he jumped into the car apparently all ready for the five-hour drive to Ottawa. Within minutes he was lying with his head on our lap. Initially curious with his new surroundings, he...

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#3607 Cairo

Cairo, as you can probably guess, is from the streets of Cairo. This amazing boy has adapted to Canadian life very well. Mind you, what is not to love as he now has two homes ~ one right on the water. Cairo was obviously abused in his previous life as he shies away from brooms and raised hands. Today, there...

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