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#3277 Riley

Hi…my name is Riley and I’m a one-year-old girl.  Let me tell you a bit about myself or, as the saying goes, the Life of Riley.  My original owner, who I loved, got sick and couldn’t look after me anymore so the good people of Golden Rescue jumped in to help.  It has been difficult for me because I miss my owner dearly but don’t get me wrong…my amazing foster family are fantastic and I’m having the time of my life.  …

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#3202 Nala

Hi everyone…my name is Nala and I’m a nine-month-old girl.  I’m still a puppy full of the joys of spring.  You might notice from my picture that my front legs are a bit wonky.  The kind people at Golden Rescue sent me to the doc as I had something called ‘angular limb deformity’ and I was in pain.  They spent a lot of bones and after two surgeries, I’m all fixed up and pain-free and my legs work just fine ~ they just look a little odd.  …

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#3268 Milo

Hi everyone…my name’s Milo and I’m a two-year-old boy.  When I first met the good folks at Golden Rescue, I was pretty skittish and anxious, not very well trained, and I didn’t like loud noises.  Today, with the help of my amazing foster family, I am no longer a ‘Nervous Norman’.  I’ve figured out most of your human commands and I’m all grown up around loud noises.  What a difference, eh?  …

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#3221 Nikki

Happy New Year!  My name is Nikki and I’m a five-year-old girl.  Life before I met the good people at GR was not kind to me and has left me skittish about the world.  My amazing foster family has really helped with this and I have come a long way as a result of their patience and kindness.  Initially, when I first arrived at my foster home, I was almost traumatized but pretty soon I realized I was in a safe, loving home and everything started to look rosier.  …

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#3276 Dylan

Hi everyone in Canada!  My name is Dylan and I’m speaking to you, believe it or not, from Istanbul where I have been waiting for almost two years to find a forever family.  I am a four-year-old Flat Coat Retriever (also called a Black Golden 🙂 and I’m a really good boy (the folks here say I’m a ‘no problem boy’).  I am soooo lucky because I just heard that a generous person is sponsoring me to come to your wonderful country (the good folks at GR are low on money so they have to rely on kind-hearted people to help Goldens like me to get to safety in Canada).  …

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#2936 Cleo

Cleo came from Egypt…skinny and timid. Our 39-pound girl has blossomed into a healthy, happy 52-pound stunner who thinks she’s a lap-dog! After a difficult couple of weeks of her not liking loud noises or going out at night, we have settled in beautifully with Cleo and she with us. Cleo is a proud new Canadian who loves her new family and our big, safe backyard and that other amazing Canadian place called the dog park.…

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#2836 Myah

When Myah arrived at the Toronto airport from Istanbul, she started licking my hand through her crate. That certainly brought on the tears and created ‘love at first sight’ emotions that we will never forget. It did take Myah a few months to regain her trust in humans and it also took a few months for her to realize that her new sibling, Bentley, was a loving, gentle, forever brother. Now, everyone is living happily together and Myah even grooms Bentley every morning by licking his face.…

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#2982 Fiona

Fiona, named after Shrek’s Fiona, came from the forests of Istanbul. You would think that this poor girl would find everything foreign…but not so. Fiona settled with us in a heartbeat. Perhaps you’ve heard that rescues bring lots of baggage and unpack it very slowly. Well, Fiona packed light! Even though she was found in a forest, she didn’t bring any ‘issues’ with her ~ just that handy passport and her protective beaded Turkish necklace that really worked!…

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