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#3071 Finnigan & #3072 Luna

ID #: 3071 & 3072 Status: available

The ballad of Luna and Finnigan

My name is Luna, this is my brother Finnigan
We’re looking for a new home so we can begin again
We’d be no trouble, we don’t need much
Just some food, a few walks, and a warm and tender touch
No one seems to want us and we’re not sure why
We’ve posted our story but no one’s come by
We’re not aggressive or stubborn and we’re certainly not wild
But we’re starting to feel like nobody’s child
We know at GR we are top of mind
Yet all our friends have found homes and we’ve been left behind
Don’t get us wrong, we’d never complain
Our lives are mostly sunshine with just a few drops of rain
Would you mind reading our post and pass it along
And even give us some pointers on where we’ve gone wrong
Thank you for listening…you’ve all been so kind
If you’re ever looking for companions, please keep us in mind!

Here’s our story…

Hi everyone…my name is Luna and this is my brother Finnigan.  Finnigan is five and I’m a year older and I’m the boss of Finnigan, although we get along great together.  We both have had some training but could use more work on those human commands.  Don’t get me wrong, we know them but sometimes we just don’t care (teehee).  We’re not bad on the leash either depending on what distractions we encounter along our walks.  We are both cuddle bunnies and love nothing more than to be petted or brushed.  We’re both in good health overall but I have a few issues ~ I’m on some medication for thyroid and seizures but it all seems to be working as my thyroid is fine and I haven’t had a seizure in over a year.  Pretty good eh, doc?  And my meds are around $75/month…I know that’s a lot of bones but it is what it is.  We’re not big barkers but we’ll certainly let you know if someone comes to the door.  We’re fine with loud noises although Finnigan is not a fan of the vacuum.  We’re both used to being left alone if you have to go out without us and, of course, you can touch us anywhere.  We both love playing with the ball and we love our walks but we don’t need a crazy amount of exercise as we love just hanging out as well.  I love the car but Finnigan…not so much.  Mind you, all he does is lie down and tolerate it until the ride is over so it’s not really a big problem.  Well, that’s us in a nutshell!  Oh yes, I meant to mention we are looking for our new forever family but I guess you knew that or why else would we be posting this.  Our amazing foster family tells us we’re ready and if you choose us, we will be forever grateful and remember ~ you’ll get double the love and gratitude (teehee).

Finnigan and Luna are currently being fostered in the Hamilton, ON area. If you would like more information about Finnigan and Luna please call our hotline toll free at 1-866-712-8444 or email and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

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