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#3097 Bambou & #3098 Alice and #3102 Zeus & #3103 Hera

ID #: 3097 & 3098 and 3102 & 3103 Status: pending

Hi everyone in Canada!  Greetings from Egypt.  My name is Zeus and this is my sister Hera.  We and Bambou and Alice are writing to you all the way from a shelter in Cairo, where we are being cared for.  The people here have been so kind to us but they will soon be closing and they have somehow magically arranged for us to come to your fair land.  We didn’t know there were such kind people in the world and we’re told you Canuks are particularly kind.  How lucky are we?  We don’t remember a lot about our previous life but here are a few things we heard our Egyptian protectors say about us, Zeus and Hera.  We are young (around one) and very attached to each other.  We are very friendly with people, children, and other dogs…and we have no idea how we’ll be around cats.  We almost look like twins and we’ve been told we are both amazing in every respect. We can’t wait to meet you ~ what an adventure it will be!  At the shelter, we met Bambou and Alice who are also coming to Canada.  Alice, why don’t you take it from here, eh?  See, we’re already speaking Canadian.

Thanks Zeus…my name Alice and this is my brother Bambou.  We are between one and two years old and honestly, we can’t remember our birthday ~ pretty bad, eh?  But there was no need to remember…no one cared!  No birthday parties for us!  So, we too are a package deal.  In fact, wherever I go, Bambou follows.  It has always been this way.  We are also very friendly with people, children, and other dogs and we have not been exposed to cats here so we might be okay with them…we might not.  Our only bad habit is that we jump up on people as we get so excited when someone comes to visit, so maybe being around little kids isn’t a good idea.  Maybe you can help us kick that habit once we arrive in Canada.  We simply can’t wait.  Can’t wait to see a whole different world, including this stuff called ‘snow’.  It’s a little scary but exciting.

These bonded pairs will be making their way to Canada very soon!  If you would like more information about either of these pairs please call our hotline toll free at 1-866-712-8444 or email and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

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