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#3129 Toby

ID #: 3129 Age: 3 months Gender: male Status: in-progress

Hi everyone…my name is Toby and I’m a young boy (about three months old) and I’m a kinda-sorta tripod.  I do have four legs but one is a bit deformed (it’s shorter than my other three legs and my paw turns inward), so I don’t really use it as you can see in my video highlighted below.  It sure doesn’t stop me though because I get around just fine.  I may be able to keep the leg forever or it may have to be amputated ~ the docs are trying to decide what the best thing would be for me.  Other than that, I’m told I’m adorable.  I have no behavioural issues.  In fact, I get along with everyone ~ human, canine, and feline.  I basically love everyone and right now I particularly love the good people at Golden Rescue.  Go Raptors Go…teehee.  See you soon!

Click here to watch Toby’s video =>  #3129 Toby

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