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ID #: 3560 Age: 8 yrs Gender: male Status: Adopted

It is heartwarming to have received so much interest in Milo; however, we are no longer accepting inquiries for Milo as we are having trouble responding to everyone.  Thank you again for considering!

Hello everyone, my name is Milo and I’m an eight-year-old blonde Golden, as you can see!  My foster mom calls me ‘handsome’…aw shucks!  My foster family has worked very hard to help me begin to enjoy my life again.  I am a big boy and my fabulous vet, who helped bring me back to good health from having heartworm, says my weight is good for my size and I have lots of positive energy.  I LOVE two-leggeds ~ young and old and if you rub my ears and belly, I will love you even more!  If you want me by your side for an even longer time, brush my gorgeous fur. I could enjoy it all day long!  I also enjoy walking at least two times a day and I love stopping and chatting with all the neighbours.  I really want to run, but my foster parents have had to keep me quiet and on leash for health and safety reasons.  I love to go in the car…anywhere!  If you need to go out, you can leave me alone, but I will be right by the door waiting for your return so we can cuddle or go for another walk.  I will help you get your steps in anytime!  I eat two full meals a day and I love healthy treats like cooked broccoli, cauliflower, and peanut butter on anything!  I even like fruit, especially bananas 🙂  I also like those fake bones, any flavour, and I have worked hard to shake both paws and ‘lie down’ to get them!  I am getting better on my leash now that I am used to the gentle leader.  We are still working on walking without the gentle leader so you may need to be patient and help me work on this.  I can be a bit loud if there are other dogs on the other side of the fence if I cannot see them.  When I meet other dogs face-to-face, we get along or just ignore each other.  They say I’m a bit anxious and territorial but I’m not mean or aggressive.  I sleep right through the night on the cool floor at the bottom of the stairs, waiting to greet you with my big fluffy tail every morning!  If it’s a cool evening, I like my doggie blanket but I don’t like to go on a dog bed.  Oh, and one more thing…cats are not my favourite four-leggeds because they like to tease me.  I might be good with another dog in the family but definitely not cats.  If you’re a Golden-loving family, I know you will fall deeply in love with me.  If you love to cuddle and have a big secure yard or field, that would be my dream come true.  I want to thank all of the amazing people at Golden Rescue who have helped me get a second chance in this world.

MIlo is currently being fostered in the Newmarket, ON area. If you would like more information about Milo please call our hot-line toll free at 1-866-712-8444 or email and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

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