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ID #: 3580 Age: 3 yrs Gender: male Status: In-Progress

Hi everyone my name is Fluff and I’m around three years old.  I came from Cairo with the name Fluffy.  The folks here have dropped the ‘Y’…which is a little better but ‘Fluffy’ for a boy???  It’s a little embarrassing.  My previous life was less than perfect (besides my name), making me cautious when I first meet new people.  Once I know you intend me no harm, then I’m fine.  Everyone I’ve met at Golden Rescue has been so nice to me that my trust level has certainly improved but I can still be a little careful when I encounter new people.  I react better to men than women and my wonderful teacher thinks it might be better if I’m with a single man but the truth is that consistent kindness with whoever I’m with gives me the comfort I need to relax.  I don’t need a ton of exercise ~ a few walks a day are fine with me.  I also tend to romp not run ~ I just like strolling along at my own pace smelling the roses, so to speak, that is unless I see a critter…then I’m off to the races.  I have a high prey drive, so no cats and a fenced yard is critical as I would chase those critters and not stop.  I’m fine with other dogs except when I’m eating.  I have what you call ‘resource guarding’ so being the only dog in the home would be much better for everyone as I can be pretty grumpy if someone tries to take my food.  The doc says I have issues with my kidneys but who knows what that will mean down the road.  For now, all I need is special food.  You can leave me alone if you have to go out without me.  I’m not a big barker but I certainly bark quite a bit when I need something like food or walks.  I’m okay being touched but no rough stuff for me.  My previous life left me a bit ‘touchy’ so I prefer gentle petting and only after I’ve gotten to know you and we have established a level of trust.  Boy, I’ve mentioned a few of the quirks I have and I might sound like a bit of a handful but in reality, once we get to know each other and I feel safe, I am a sweet, relaxed boy.  Would you give me a chance…and change my name please!

Fluff is currently being fostered north of Toronto, ON area. If you would like more information about Fluff please call our hot-line toll free at 1-866-712-8444 or email and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

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