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ID #: 3657 Age: 8 months Gender: male Status: In-Progress

Hi everyone…my name is Bowie and I’m writing to you from a faraway place called Cairo.  I’m an 8-month-old pup with what you humans call ‘wonky legs’ (my front two legs).  My previous owner didn’t like how my legs looked so they dropped me off at this shelter where they are taking good care of me; however, my life would be infinitely better if I could find a family in Canada.  I get around fine and I can jump and play with the best of them…but my legs are not perfect.  Other than that, I am healthy in every other way.  I am a smaller Golden, super friendly and I love people and other dogs.  I have been described as “adorable and sweet”…aw shucks!  If you choose me to come to your wonderful country, I promise to give you every ounce of love I have to give…which is a LOT.  If at all possible, I’d like to come very soon…would yesterday work (teehee)?

Bowie will be arriving in Canada soon.

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