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ID #: 3837 Age: 3 yrs Gender: male Status: In-Progress

This two to three-year-old boy is an absolute miracle.  He was rescued from a small farm where he lived in a small backyard with very little water and food and no shelter nor shade.  He was actually left to starve.  At some point he was pushed out of a moving car and hurt his back end which has left him with a wobbly rear end.  He walks in a peculiar way but it is not giving him any trouble.  He is loving and affectionate and very friendly with other dogs.

Rudolph is a part of a group of Goldens that were scheduled to fly to Canada in early December.  With the new variant, worries surround us yet again and EgyptAir postponed that flight and, as yet, have not given us an alternate date to welcome these beautiful souls to our shores.  We, however, have to prepare ourselves as we could get a new date any time. Many of the Goldens scheduled to fly on the canceled flight already have homes but we are still looking to place Rudolph in loving and welcoming arms. 

These Goldens aren’t broken…but they are a little banged up (physically and spiritually).  They undoubtedly have sad tales to tell because they’ve been dealt a bad hand; however, they have responded with courage and they deserve our love and care.

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