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ID #: 3955 & 3956 Age: 18 months Status: Available

  • Must have two adults in the family so they can be walked and trained separately
  • Strong leaders are a must to continue their training
  • No small or female dogs or small children
  • Fenced yard is a must

Hi everyone…my name is Willow and this is my brother Harley. We are both 1.5 years old. When we first came into the GR program, we were pretty anxious, skinny, and bewildered. It didn’t take us long, however, to understand that everyone, especially our amazing foster family, only wanted the best for us and we started to settle. In many ways, we both still have some ‘puppy’ in us. We are learning our commands and we’re told we are smart, so as long as our schooling continues, we should be just fine. The leash thing is a work-in-progress; however, we are both much better on the leash if we are walked separately. If we are walked together, it is a bit of a gong-show. Sorry about that! Now this might improve with time if we have a strong leader to continue our training as we both respond well to our captain. Both Harley and I love humans but other dogs are a bit hit-or-miss for us. We both get along with our female Golden cousin who lives with us yet I will sometimes pick a fight with other female dogs to show my dominance. Harley does not like small yappy dogs. Again, there is a feeling that with more regular socialization, this might improve. We don’t hate other dogs ~ we are just both selective. We are gentle with our treats. Loud noises don’t bother us. You can touch us anywhere and we love it. Neither one of us likes to be left alone but again this might improve in time. The doc says we’re healthy and thinks we’re both good Goldens with lots of potential. I’m a regular-sized Golden and Harley is a bit of gentle giant with paws the size of human palms. Don’t let that put you off because he is just a big goofball, sort of like Hoss Cartwright. I guess that makes me Little Joe (teehee). I’ll bet you’re surprised I know who they are seeing as we’re so young. See, we are smart and know things!

Willow and Harley are currently being fostered in the Burlington, ON area. If you would like more information about Willow and Harley call our hotline toll-free at 1-866-712-8444 or email and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

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