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ID #: 4438 Age: 3 yrs Gender: male Status: Pending

  • Came untrained & under-socialized ~ has done super well with his training
  • Is a total love-bug with all people
  • Still jumps & doesn’t like to give up possessions so no young children
  • Loves dogs ~ is very enthusiastic & dominant (not aggressive)
  • Best to go to a family without any other pets

Hi everybody…my name is Buddy and I’m 3 years old. When I arrived, I had to learn a thing or two so, the wonderful folks at Golden Rescue sent me to my foster dad, who is also my teacher. Here are the things I had to work on:

1. I was terrible on the leash
2. I loved jumping up on people (especially anyone new)
3. I did not give up my prized possessions easily
4. I was under-socialized with other dogs ~ not aggressive…just too enthusiastic

I know…that’s a lot of stuff, but I took my training seriously and my foster dad is very pleased with my progress. I do quite well on the leash as long as I wear a halti. I don’t jump up on people nearly as much; however, sometimes in my enthusiasm I forget. I have learned the word ‘drop it’ so if you need something of mine, don’t take it out of my mouth, just ask me to ‘drop it’ and I will. I am much better around other dogs but I will always try to be the alpha ~ but it’s important to know that I’m dominant not aggressive. I am very happy with what I’ve learned; however, you will have to continue my training and reinforce what I’ve learned. The good news is that I absolutely love everyone I meet and I also love all dogs (but not cats). My enthusiasm is obvious…even though I might get a little too enthusiastic at times, so it would be best for me to be the only pet in the family and no small children. I simply love life and I love it even more since coming to Golden Rescue. I am fairly gentle with my treats now. You can certainly touch me anywhere and leave me alone if you have to go out without me. I don’t like loud noises but I don’t freak either. I’m not a big barker ~ usually I’ll just bark to let you know I need out or I’m hungry (okay, for a Golden that might mean barking all the time because when aren’t we hungry ha-ha?). The doc says I’m healthy and as much as I love my walks, I don’t need a ton of exercise. I can happily chill with you with whatever you’re doing. Well, that’s my story. My foster dad/guru says I’m ready to meet my forever family and as much as that’s a bit scary, I have to admit I’m just a little bit proud of myself for doing so well in school. I hope to show you all I’ve learned when we meet. Can’t wait!

Buddy is currently being fostered in the Newmarket, ON area.  If you would like more information about Buddy please call our hot-line toll-free at 1-866-712-8444 or email and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

When submitting an application, please be sure to check your JUNK or SPAM folders for a response email.

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