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ID #: 4176, 4208, 4209, 4210 Status: Available


  • Flying SOON to Vancouver

Hello everyone! We were SO hoping to yell out: Hey Canada…here we come!!! But four of us don’t have homes yet! Boohoo…we’re really trying to stay positive but it’s hard when you’re not wanted. We are flying to Vancouver from Istanbul very soon and we want to fly with our buddies but we might not be able to come unless someone wants us. Would you please consider adopting us? Here’s more about each of us:

Stacey #4176
I’m Stacey and I’m a 3-year-old boy. I used to have a family but they couldn’t keep me because they had financial difficulties. I’m a medium-sized, healthy boy and I’m super friendly and sweet with people, other dogs, and even cats. I’m generally quite calm and easy-going. I know any family would be lucky to have me.

Parry #4208
My name is Parry and I’m around 3.5 years old. I was rescued from a not-so-nice shelter. I’ve been described as a calm, loving boy who loves to be cuddled…and that is so true. Cuddling is one of my favourite things! I love people and other dogs but we don’t know about cats so let’s not risk that. Please, pick me to cuddle with!

Jessie #4209
I have been described as ‘pure joy’…that’s really sweet! I’m a 3-year-old girl and for some reason I was shaved and then abandoned but my fur is growing back so it won’t be long before I’m a pretty-looking Golden again. I too am very friendly
with people, dogs, and cats. If you’re looking for a loving, affection Golden, I could be your girl.

Iris #4210
I was found abandoned in a construction area and I was being abused by the workers nearby so I was trying to hide when a kind person picked me up and took me to a shelter. I was so happy about that as then I felt safe. I’m a happy, happy, happy 3 to 4 yr old gentle girl and I love all creatures, two and four-legged (people, dogs, and cats) If you might consider giving us a home, we promise to love you with every fiber of our being.

These pups will be arriving in Vancouver, BC soon. If you would like more information about any of these dogs call our hotline toll-free at 1-866-712-8444 or email and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

When submitting an application, please be sure to check your JUNK or SPAM folders for a response email.

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