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Age: 5 years Gender: male Status: available

Hi everyone, my name is Kelby and I’m around five years old and I came from Istanbul.  I’m a bit skinny so I could use a little more weight but, having said that, being skinny hasn’t hampered me in the strength department as I am VERY strong.  My fantastic foster mom says I’m smart and a quick learner.  I already know ‘sit’ and ‘paw’ but the leash thing is a work-in-progress.  Because I am so strong and love to chase critters, I pull a lot and I could end up talking you for the walk, so I need a strong human who can control me.  I love people and have been described as a ‘mushball’; however, if I see another male dog, particularly an alpha male, I turn a bit nasty.  I have some scars on my nose so the thinking is that I’ve been involved in a fight or two so I’m sure I come by my defensive behaviour honestly.  I’m fine with female dogs but male dogs…not so much.  For now, it just might be better if I found a home with no other dogs and dog parks are right out of the question.  A good, solid, high, fenced back yard would also be great as I have been known to jump over or squeeze under a fence in pursuit of a critter.  Boy, it sounds like I’m a bit of a handful but I really am a love-bug with people.  I also love staring out of the window and car rides.  I’m really hoping there is someone out there who would understand my foibles because I would pay them back tenfold with my love and gratitude.

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