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ID #: 3878 Gender: female Status: In-Progress

Hi…I have been named Treble.  I am blind, and to be quite honest, bewildered.  My wonderful saviour in Istanbul found me hiding in a hole ~ soaked, starving, and shaking with fear as you can see in this video:


I had been wandering around in this small town by the sea when I fell into a hole and hurt my leg.  I was so hungry I was actually eating mud.  My new friend found me and took me to her basement and that’s where I am now.  I actually slept for almost four days and I was almost too exhausted to eat or drink.  I am eating well now and starting to feel better.  I don’t know my age or breed but I do know I’m small (about 40 lbs.) and I’m mostly black, although I was so dirty when they found me, they probably didn’t even know what colour I am (LOL).  My only hope is getting to Canada or I’ll have to go to a shelter, where I don’t think I would fare very well and I would have no chance of being adopted.  A shelter is no life for a dog but it’s unfathomable for a blind girl like me.  I have somehow survived, so I guess my time isn’t up just yet and just knowing now what kind of a life I could have is giving me hope.  I know it’s not going to be easy but something inside me says if I find the right family, the right safe haven, I could overcome my fears and flourish.  If there is someone out there to help me, I promise my everlasting love and gratitude.

p.s.  My leg has healed.  I am all cleaned up so you can see how pretty I am.  I no longer eat mud and trust me…I’m trying to stay a million miles away from holes.

Treble will be arriving in Canada soon. If you would like more information about Treble please call our hot-line toll free at 1-866-712-8444 or email and one of our volunteers will be happy to return your call.

When submitting an application for Treble or any other dog, please be sure to check your JUNK or SPAM folders for a response

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