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Available Adoptions

Golden Rescue is a 'rescue' organization. As such, we help Goldens who need a second chance and we believe we can responsibly rehome. Very often, we know very little about their history. Although we make every effort during our fostering process to assess the Goldens in our care, we cannot predict their behaviour in your home as some behaviours may present themselves later or there may be a ‘trigger’ we didn’t experience.  

We also have all of our Goldens assessed by a qualified veterinarian and all conditions that are discovered are treated and disclosed before the Golden goes up for adoption; however, conditions could develop later that were not discovered by the vet at the time of examination. It costs an average of $1,700 to put one Golden through our program. The adoption fee for Goldens rescued within Ontario and Quebec is $500.  The adoption fee for Goldens rescued from countries outside of Canada is $800.  These fees help us tremendously to defer the ever-increasing cost of care and transportation. 

Responsible pet ownership can be an expensive proposition and we urge you to consider the potential ongoing costs of owning a dog before making the decision to adopt.


At the present time our Goldens are being fostered in Ontario and occasionally in Quebec. During the adoption process a home visit needs to be arranged with your family and you must agree to come and visit the dog at his/her foster home. If the match is a good one, you'll need to arrange appropriate transportation to bring the dog home with you.

Status Explanations:

Adoption In Progress - A shortlist of applicants who have most closely matched the foster's 'wish list' have been identified and the adoption process is in progress.

Adoption Pending - The Golden is imminently joining their forever family.

If there is no status update, it means we are currently looking at applications and you're welcome to submit your interest.

Adopted - The Golden has happily joined their forever family.

Adoption Alert ~ Lyka #2721

Hi everyone…my name is Lyka and I’m a four-year-old girl. I actually have a really cute name that you can use in so many ways. For example, you could say, “I look exactly Lyka Golden” OR “I Lyka good long walk” OR “Lyka virgin…touched for the very first time”. Probably not what Madonna had in mind, right?

Adoption Alert ~ Betty #2731 - Adoption in Progress

Hi everyone my name is Betty and I’m around nine years old. I came from the streets of Istanbul and somehow magically ended up here in Canada. To say the least, I am bewildered. Don’t get me wrong…I am very, very grateful. I just don’t know how I got here but “here” is certainly amazing.

Adoption Alert ~ Gustave #2699 - Adoption in Progress

Bonjour mes amis! Je m’appelle Gustave and I am seven years old. The good folks at Golden Rescue rescued me from a kill shelter in Quebec and have been so kind to me ever since. My amazing foster family have been showing me the ropes and I’m getting the hang of things a little better every day.

Adoption Alert ~ Izzie #2639 & Bondo #2640 - Adoption Pending

Hi everyone…my name is Izzie and I’m seven years old and this is my son Bondo, who is five years old. We have been together right from birth so we come as a package if you could find it in your heart to adopt us both. We are both energetic and Bondo still thinks he’s a pup. The fact is, I probably spoiled him ~ sorry about that!

Adoption Alert ~ Jules #2657 - Adopted!!

Hi Everyone my name is Jules and I’m around three years old. I came to Canada on a big, metal bird from the streets of Istanbul to this amazing country full of good people who have been so kind to me.

Adoption Alert ~ Howie #2703 - ADOPTED!!

Hi everyone…my name is Howie and I’m a boy around six years of age. The caring folks at Golden Rescue found me and I’m so lucky. I’m number #2703. Wow!!! That means these good people have rescued over 2,700 Goldens before me ~ that is simply amazing!!!

Adoption Alert ~ Murphy #2724 - ADOPTED!!

Hi everyone…my name is Murphy and I’m a 2.5-year-old girl. I was found by the good people at Golden Rescue and I will be forever grateful. When they found me was terribly underweight, filthy, and smelly with bad ear infections. I was also timid and afraid. They put me with this amazing foster family

Adoption Alert ~ Murdoch #2741 - Adopted!!

Hi everyone…my name is Murdoch and I’m almost two years old. I am currently staying with this wonderful family who are teaching me all the Golden Rescue ways and I think I’m doing really well. I was a bit nervous at first meeting all these new people but now I just love my foster family. I’m