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Our Goldens are very special to us. As volunteers working for the welfare of the Goldens in our care, our best reward is to see them join a wonderful family. To be considered as an adoptive family, you must be willing to:

  • Give your new Golden the best life possible ~ veterinary treatment, preventative care, good food, exercise, grooming, and lots of TLC.
  • Have one of our Goldens solely as a companion who will live as a member of your family.

We do not post all of our Goldens on our website. Please fill out an online adoption application as our team members match Goldens to families based on the information on the online application form.

Please note that our adoption application is comprehensive.  We want to ensure that we match our Goldens to the most suitable families and we want the match to be perfect for you. After the form has been completed and you enter the SUBMIT button, you will receive an automated confirmation saying that your application has been accepted.  However, if you have any errors such as a required field NOT being completed or a field that is not in the correct format (eg. email address), you will get a red message telling you that you have an error.  This error will also be highlighted in red on the application where the error is.  Once the error is corrected and you enter the submit button, you will get confirmation that your application has been accepted.  Once accepted, the application will automatically get forwarded to our Placement Team and you will get a personal email response from one of our volunteers about the next steps in the adoption process and include a copy of your application.  Your adoption application will expire after 6 months.  Please be aware that sometimes an application does not reach us if you are using tablets or cell phones so it is highly recommended that you use a computer.

Can’t find our email?

Please check your SPAM or JUNK email folder in case you don’t receive it. If our email does end up in either of those folders, simply add us to your recognized senders or contact list to ensure you receive emails from us.

Sign up for our adoption alerts

We send adoption alerts via email on a regular basis. You can read detailed descriptions about our Goldens when they become available for adoption. Most of our Goldens are also posted on our website and shared on our social media channels. Learn more about how we label our adoption notices.

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Adoption Application

    Initial Questions

    BEFORE completing this application, please check the agreement box below to indicate that you have read and agree with each of the following statements:

    • Adoption homes are selected on an individual basis to best meet the needs of the rescued Golden Retriever. A potential adopter’s circumstances and preferences are taken into consideration in this selection process. We do take into consideration the presence of young children in an adopter’s family. We advise that families with children under the age of eight-years-old may not be best suited for one of our rescued Goldens.
    • We ask that all of our forever families ensure that they are able to manage any financial responsibilities that come with adopting a Golden prior to making this commitment. If a forever family is not able to provide the care required for their adopted Golden, the Golden must be surrendered back to Golden Rescue.
    • A securely fenced yard or invisible fencing is suggested, and is a major consideration in the matching process. Goldens with poor recall cannot be placed in homes without fenced yards.
    • Our adoption fee is $1000 for domestic Goldens, $1500 for Goldens rescued from countries outside of Canada and $1200 for Goldens under the age of 6 months. All the necessary veterinary care is provided prior to adoption including all vaccinations, micro-chipping, and spaying or neutering(in most cases). Since the average cost of care is $1700 per Golden, any additional donation is appreciated.
    • The Golden must not be left alone longer than eight hours at any given time. Dog walkers or neighbours are a great solution.
    • I understand that rescued Goldens are generally not eligible for pet insurance, and I need to be prepared for medical emergencies which may cost several thousand dollars.
    • I acknowledge that the information contained in this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any misrepresentation of facts may result in the removal of the adopted Golden from my home by the Golden Rescue
    • I understand that if Golden Rescue believes that I am not providing adequate care for my adopted Golden, Golden Rescue has the right to remove the Golden from my home.
    • I understand that only those applicants on the short-list will be contacted. We are a 100% volunteer organization. You are welcome to let us know if you’re interested in one of our Goldens via or telephone (not on Facebook). Your message will be forwarded to the volunteer who is placing the Golden in his/her adoptive home. It is simply not possible for us to respond to all those who are interested.
    • Please note that Golden Rescue does not allow adopters to contact others within the organization to solicit money in the event of a medical emergency. We do have an excellent community of supporters, but since we can’t verify the Golden’s needs, we do not allow any requests of this sort to be made on any official Golden Rescue channel.

    Personal Information

    Family & Household Information

    Golden Care

    Current Pets

    Golden Traits

    Click here to see a video on our Rescue Mission of Love (international Golden adoption program). If you would like, we can put you in touch with adopters who have adopted an international Golden to talk about their experiences. Please email adoption@ if you'd like to speak to a fellow adopter about adopting an international Golden or click here to read some testimonials from families who have adopted an international Golden.

    Current Goldens Available for Adoption

    If you are interested in one of the Goldens posted on our website, please indicate here the name and rescue number of the Golden. If this Golden goes to another home, please be patient while we look for another Golden for your family.


    Vet Reference

    Please discuss this with your vet ahead of time, and ask them to put a note on your file authorizing them to speak with Golden Rescue as a reference for you.

    Personal Reference

    References may include co-workers, neighbours, friends, and relatives. If this is a secondary vet reference please discuss this with your vet ahead of time.
    Please check your SPAM or JUNK email folder in case you don’t receive it.