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Welcome to the Golden Rescue Store!

Golden Rescue is committed to sourcing Canadian eco-friendly products where possible.  In addition, we work with and are seeking local artisans to create unique Golden Rescue related products which we can feature in our store. We invite anyone who may be interested to contact us at

To learn more about each item, please click on the photo to read the description. Jot down which items you are interested in and when you’re ready to complete your purchase, return to this page and click on the ‘Order Now’ box to fill out the Order Form. Please include your contact information along with a list of the items you’d like to purchase. Be sure to consider quantities, sizes, colours, or any other pertinent information for each item. Once completed, select ‘Submit Order’. You will receive a confirmation email from us and one of our volunteers will follow up with you to confirm your order and provide payment instructions.

Please Note: Clicking on “Return to Store” when viewing an item will take you back to page 1. If you would like to go to where you left off, please use the page back arrow at the top of the screen.

Although currently you are unable to provide comments and/or feedback directly on this site, it is important to us to hear what you have to say. If there is something that you would like to comment on merchandise, please email and we will ensure that your comments are added to the appropriate item. Any other concerns and/or issues will be looked into and the sender will be notified of the outcome.

If for any reason you experience any difficulty completing and or submitting the form, please do not hesitate to send us an email with your order to

Thank you for your support! Your purchase will help Goldens in need.

*All prices include shipping and handling within Canada. Orders outside of Canada may require additional shipping costs. You will be quoted with the amount of any extra costs in the confirmation email you receive after placing your order.
*Prices not subject to HST at this time.