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Golden Rescue’s Circle of Hope bracelet is handmade and each bead has been specially chosen to carry a meaning:

  • Butterscotch swirled glass bead: all the colours that our Goldens carry in their coats
  • Swarovski-style crystal: to reflect the hope we see in a vibrant and happy future for each of our rescues
  • Chocolate brown beads: tones emulate the eyes that look up to us with hope for a better tomorrow
  • Seven intricate unique filigree beads: seven to remind us of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ Goldens who truly personify what Golden Rescue is and the values we stand for
  • Silver bar bell clasp: pewter Charity Ribbon embossed with paw prints and spun glass brown heart. The heart is there for we all carry our Goldens in our heart every moment of the day

A perfect gift for that Golden Retriever Believer. They come in 7 and 8 inch sizes.

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