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Snuffle Mat


Another truly unique item that has been made and donated by the same supporter who made the dog pillow/bed.

You may ask, what on earth is a snuffle mat. Well, let us explain. A snuffle or treat mat is a perfect way to keep your Golden engaged and occupied while at the same time learning to effectively use their nose and getting rewarded along the way. It can also help relieve separation anxiety and improve your Goldens cognition. It is approximately 12” x 12” and is handmade of fleece material attached to a rubber backing. It comes in 5 very colourful shades. Please note that the blue is no longer available.

Customer Comment: I count out the number of treats I hide in the mat, place it on the floor and tell her ‘find’ and she sniffs them out, I love watching how intently she does her job! She’s good at figuring out when there are no more. I would like to add that it is so well made. We saw something very similar at the local pet store, but not as well made and more pricey, too!

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