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Saturday March 13, 2021

Event Time: 7:00 PM


You will need to be signed in on two websites, so we recommend using two devices, like a laptop and cellphone, or tablet and cellphone, or any combination of the above! (or, you can use one device and split your screen so you can see both.)

  • One will be the Zoom meeting with all the participants who will be playing along with you.
  • The other will be the trivia website that generates the questions.
  • Once you join the Zoom meeting, you will be given the special game  PIN to join via the kahoot website.

That’s it! You follow along and answer the questions.  The faster you answer, the more “points” you will get. Winner gets the bragging rights for the month until our next session.

*we will have someone online with you to help you get started if you need help.

HOW:  STEP 1: Register by emailing so we have your name and contact email to send you the link to the group Zoom meeting to participate. Please note TRIVIA in the email subject line.

STEP 2: Etransfer $5 to:  Please note TRIVIA in the message payment.

*You must complete both steps in order to be registered*

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