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Golden sleeping outside

Did you know that more than 50 percent of the Goldens who come into our program are surrendered by owners who can no longer care for their Golden properly? As you can imagine, the decision to surrender is often both painful and heart-breaking. We understand that and the best we can do under such trying circumstances is to let each and every person know that they have made the right choice and that we will give their precious Golden a wonderful new life. The decision is tough ~ always so tough ~ but surrendering is the right thing to do and we do not judge. Ever.

Think about the last five years of your life. What changes have come your way? How is your life different today than it was five years ago? Have you had to make life-altering decisions? If so, how have those decisions affected your day-to-day life, your well-being, your home life, your career, your family? Chances are you have experienced change in one form or another. And so have the people who have had to surrender their Golden. And while most of us probably strive to control the influencers of change, sometimes it’s not always possible and we have to alter our course and take a different, unexpected direction.

Separation, divorce, finances, personal illness or caring for an ailing or aging family member, job loss, relocation, marriage, allergies, expanding families, blending families, cat and dog compatibility, and time management are just some of the changes of every-day life that factor into the decision to surrender. We get it and respect those who have chosen to make the humane, albeit gut-wrenching, decision to part with their beloved family member. We answer the call without bias. We act quickly and we come to the rescue.

Golden sticking tongue out

We know that not everyone looks kindly on those who need to surrender their Golden, but that is not who we are at Golden Rescue. We do not place blame. We welcome surrendered Goldens with open arms because all too often we have seen the ugly alternative when someone is shamed about their decision. For example, we found and rescued a Golden at the side of a highway with ‘free’ spray painted on her fur. We rescued a Golden who was wandering alone in the woods with his microchip cut out of him. We found another in a parking lot at night, shuddering in the cold with a sign around her neck, saying ‘your problem’. If these precious sweethearts had been surrendered, not abandoned, they could have been spared this cruel and callous treatment.

Without a doubt, surrender is better than abandonment. Surrender is better than neglect. Surrender is better than cruelty. When life changes, surrender is always the right solution. Please be kind to those who have to make this tough decision. Let us come to the rescue.

We know this is one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make.

Please be assured, it is the right decision ~ the best decision. We are here to listen and to help you through this process.

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