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It is hard to describe the feeling you get when you rescue a Golden from the streets of Istanbul, Cairo or Mexico City.  If you’ve been fortunate to join us at the airport when we let one of these grateful beauties out of their crate after their many ordeals, you would understand what we are talking about.  People have described it as a life-changing moment.  It’s even more difficult to relay what adopting an International Golden is like, so best that be left to the wonderful families who have adopted.

Here are some comments from a few of our adopters about their International Goldens:

Rian #2571
(from Istanbul)

Rian has fit into our family perfectly and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Golden!  Thanks so much for making this happen. Chris, Sara, Adam & Chloe

Koula #2923
(from Cairo)

Thank you ~ Koula has been one of the most affectionate and caring dogs I have ever had.  And she is incredibly smart.  I could not have asked for a better addition.  I feel truly blessed to have her part of our family. Julie

Fiona #2264
(from Istanbul)

Fiona is extremely affectionate and simply a joy to have around.  She is an amazing creature who deserved a second chance. Cindy & Doug

Scarlet #2747
(from Mexico)

We are the forever home for Scarlet.  She is perhaps the smartest, most well-mannered, and most loving dog we’ve ever met! Tom

Kieran #2553
(from Istanbul)

Kieran is the sweetest boy ever.  I could not be happier that he has joined my family. Liz

Dasher #2536
(from Istanbul)

Golden Rescue miracles do happen ~ Dasher is proof.    Sue

Sadie #2335
(from Istanbul)

Sadie came to us from Istanbul and what a Turkish delight she is.  Thank you for bringing Sadie into our hearts and home. Pat & John

Amanda #2873
(from Cairo)

We would like to thank Golden Rescues volunteers…EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!  Without you, we adoptive families would not have the privilege of providing these beauties with loving, safe homes. Janice & Wayne

Charlie #2675
(from Istanbul)

Charlie is simply amazing and loved by all. Lucie

Karo #2868
(from Cairo)

Karo makes us laugh.  He has already captured our hearts even despite his crazies.  He had a few moments of needing to learn some rules like ‘tables are for glasses not little puppy paws’. Kim

Talih #2351
(from Istanbul)

Talih is an amazing Istanbul Golden.  Her name means luck, fortune, and fate in Turkish ~ a very apt name indeed for a very sweet and lucky girl…although we believe we’re the lucky ones. Liz & Bill

Tigger #2291
(from Istanbul)

Tigger has settled in beautifully and has bonded with all his new animal and human friends.  Heartfelt thanks for allowing us to adopt our lovely Turkish boy. Deb & Ken

Sandy #2900
(from Cairo)

My mom says I am such a good girl.  I have been trying really hard to show the folks here I am really enjoying this new life of mine. Jo-Ann

Casey #2362 & Alli #2363
(from Istanbul)

We truly believe these Goldens realized they were being rescued as they seem so grateful.  Thank you so much for choosing us to adopt this gorgeous pair ~ you have no idea how happy you have made us. Carol & Ray

Izett #2575
(from Istanbul)

We just love this little girl so much.  She really is amazing especially considering all she has been through. Erin & Ryan

Cleo #2904
(from Cairo)

We can only describe Cleo as cuddly, playful, and perfect. Stacie

Ruby #2327
(from Istanbul)

We could not be happier with our dear Ruby.  Thank you for bringing this beautiful girl from Istanbul into our lives. Cynthia & Rene

Nemo #2288
(from Istanbul)

It is hard to imagine my life before Nemo.  I am SO happy I adopted him.  He, of course, is the most handsome boy around!  I love him so much.  Thank you very much for ‘Finding Nemo’. Alison

Kipling #2431
(from Istanbul)

Kipling is a young Istanbul Golden.  He is a wonderful, goofy, social, pleasure-to-be-around Golden.  Picking up Kipling at the airport was an experience we will never forget ~ no question one of the best days of our lives. Kim

Ozzy #2393
(from Istanbul)

Ozzy has a fantastic personality and, as much as he loves to run, he is actually pretty laid back.  This boy has certainly found a changed life since he came to Canada but he has also changed our lives.  Ozzy has brought such joy to us all and we can’t imagine our lives without him. Jackie

Charm #2278
(from Istanbul)

Charm is a charming girl.  She has brought such joy to me.  When she looks up at me, I tell her it’s okay…she will always be safe and loved.  Then I think, yes, I rescued you Charm but it was you who saved me.  Enough said!    Carol

Mykos #2703
(from Istanbul)

The name Mykos means love, beauty, and freedom…a name he suits to a tee. Adriana & Lou

Nike #2314
(from Istanbul)

Nike means Goddess of Victory and I’m sure she feels victorious to have been brought to Canada from a life on the streets.  She is a fast learner and simply adorable.  I love her very much! Sheryl

Zeus #2311
(from Istanbul)

Zeus settled in almost immediately to Canadian life after arriving from Istanbul.  He is a very happy boy who even wags his tail in his sleep.  We couldn’t be happier that Zeus joined our family. Samantha & Matt

Sam #2785
(from Istanbul)

Our beautiful Sam is happy and healthy ~ he has become a beautiful, gentle pup.  He loves all his dollies and has yet to rip anything other than a label off of them.  His coat has come in a gorgeous strawberry blonde, no sign of scars or anything.  We love him to pieces.  Thank you again for our fabulous boy! Dawn & Jeff


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