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Virtual Events Coordinator

Do you have experience with planning and executing virtual events? With most of our “live” fundraising events being cancelled for the foreseeable future with the current pandemic, we are looking for creative ways to take our events online and into the digital world.

We are looking for someone with experience who can help us set up and run online fundraising events. If you are interested in this role, please apply and include your experience in this field ~ platforms used, successful past events, or any other information you feel is relevant.

As a member of this team the time commitment is totally up to you! You can choose to join us for a short time to help us get virtual events up and running, or you can decide to stay on with us and perhaps build and lead the team!

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Goodnight Goldens

Goodnight Goldens - Tails of Rescue Every Thursday at 7:00 PM

Remember that bedtime story your parents read to you when you were a kid?  Which one was your favourite?  How did it make you feel?  Well now you can relive those warm, fuzzy, feel-good moments with your children, grand children and maybe even with the big kids in your family...


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Fundraising Team Members

We are looking for passionate and dedicated Golden lovers to help grow the fundraising program. With a knowledge or interest in fundraising, we’re looking for committed volunteers who share our mission to help develop creative and effective fundraising initiatives. The demand to rescue and save Goldens from around the globe continues to grow and we’re striving to help as many as we can. We’re looking for help to identify and solicit corporate partners and find alternate ways to fundraise.

Time commitment: 10-20 hours per month

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Oakley #2071

A Positive Message from Oakley #2071

In these uncertain times, it’s important to stay connected. Click here to hear a positive message from Oakley #2071.…

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Media Relations Team

Want to Join the NEW Golden Rescue Media Team?

Golden Rescue has received a lot of media coverage over the years. Our stories are out of the ordinary, poignant and heart-warming and have resonated with millions of viewers. CTV, Global Television, CityTV, Breakfast Television and numerous online news outlets have covered a wide range of stories over the years. Reporters repeatedly have been drawn to our stories about Goldens who have been transformed from rags to riches. We are a small, energetic team of three so far and we’re looking for one more person to join us who ideally (but not necessarily) has a media/public relations background and who can keep us organized and up-to-date with our local and national media contacts. We also need someone who is comfortable calling news outlets and reporters to follow up on stories that we have pitched. You are also welcome to be involved in our strategy planning meetings where we brainstorm unique, creative ideas to keep Golden Rescue top of mind and socially interactive and develop ideas to bring greater awareness to our efforts. We are a fun, dynamic team to work with where our motto is ‘every idea is a good idea!!’

This is a volunteer role, which may take up to 10-15 hours/month.

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Thank you to Sarah Deeth of Global News Peterborough for having us on The Morning Show!

Thank you to Sarah Deeth of Global News Peterborough for having us on The Morning Show!

Big thanks to Matt and Sam and our Golden Ambassadors Zeus #2311 and Kestral #3249 for helping spread the word of Rescue!…

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Thank you to Dave Trafford of Newstalk 1010 for taking time to chat with our Board Chair Viive Tamm about Golden Rescue.

Thank you to Dave Trafford of Newstalk 1010 for taking time to chat with our Board Chair Viive Tamm about Golden Rescue.

Listen to the Interview

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