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Our organization is growing and evolving and moving and shaking ~ like a Golden after a bath!  And we’re looking for volunteers.  Is that you or someone you know?  Golden Rescue is run solely by volunteers ~ a wonderfully dedicated group, sharing a common vision to safeguard the wellbeing of every Golden in our care.  Our work is hugely rewarding and we would love to hear from you if you would like to help. We currently have needs in a number of areas.

Interested in Volunteering?

Once you have looked through the list, and if you are interested in volunteering for one of these roles, please contact us at indicating:

  1. Your preference/area of interest
  2. Your experience in that particular area
  3. Your phone number where our Team Resources Coordinator can reach you

Positions are listed under two categories: Casual and Team

  • Casual: occasional help every now and then when a specific need comes up such as transporting a Golden, doing a home visit or volunteering at one of our events
  • Team: working with a group of other volunteers with specific ongoing tasks…some roles are more demanding than others, some are time sensitive, and some can be done on your own timeline.

Casual Opportunities

Foster Families (all across Canada)

We continue to have Goldens coming into our care! We desperately need foster families across Canada. Fostering a Golden and helping him/her through a transitional phase is an incredibly rewarding experience because you’re the first step in their new life. We particularly need foster families who are willing to take Goldens with medical or behavioural issues, families without any other dogs or cats in-house or families who are willing to foster a pair. If you are interested in fostering, please fill out a foster application here ~ Once you’ve filled out an application, a volunteer will contact you to clarify any points, answer any questions you might have, and arrange a home visit.

Estimated time commitment:  Varies by Golden and circumstance

Events (all across Canada)

Bring your Golden or just yourself and help out at one of our many events throughout the year ~ all with the double goal of raising funds and building awareness for Golden Rescue. The events are fun and everyone ~ and we mean everyone ~ loves to talk to our volunteers about our sweet Goldens. You never have to ask for a donation ~ we simply have a ‘Please Donate’ sign and donation jar in full view.

Estimated time commitment:  totally dependent upon your time and availability

Transport Volunteers (all across Canada)

Transport help is always needed to move our Goldens from their past to their future new lives. To do this, volunteer drivers pick up our precious cargo from their previous homes, shelters, vet offices, etc. and drive them to their foster families. Sometimes this trip is short and can be done by one person and other times the distance is great, requiring volunteers to work as a relay team, picking up or dropping off at identified locations along the way. Obviously, this is a very important task. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and be willing to use their own car.

Home Visit Volunteers (all across Canada)

Potential foster or adopting families require a home visit. You would visit these temporary and permanent families and spend about 30 minutes engaging in conversation and asking questions from the questionnaire we provide to you to guide the conversation. When you return home, you are asked to fill out the home visit form and email it to the volunteer who contacted you.

If you can help, please contact us!

PLEASE NOTE: Volunteers are asked to go to our website and fill out the Volunteer Application which is different than our adoption application. Do it early and then you are ready to roll when something exciting catches your eye!

Team Opportunities

Do you think you can help us help Goldens?
They’re counting on you…and so are we. Please contact with your preferred choices and let us know when you’d like us to call. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for coming to the rescue!

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