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Quinn #0153

Gender: male

Status: adopted

We rescued Quinn when he was 3 years old and he will be 12 years old this month. He is in great shape, still running like he was 2 years old. He has arthritis in his front paws, but it only bothers him periodically. His hearing is going, but is eyesight is still very good. Quinn comes to work with me everyday and is known as the office mascot. He is the only male in the office and keeps us in line. Clients identify with Quinn and ask if we are the firm “with the beautiful golden retriever as the receptionist”, and when we reply that we are the same firm, they use our services! He approaches everyone that comes in hoping for a handout. Quinn has a stepbrother named Rowdy and together they make quite a pair. Rowdy is an extremely busy Australian Cattle Dog and is also 12 years old this month. They get along fabulously and are often found sleeping back-to-back on the rug.

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