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Joe #0394

Gender: male

Status: adopted

We are happy owners of Joe for almost 12 years now. I am pleased to report that Joe is alive and well and bringing daily joy to our lives. It is wonderful to be in association with an organization that is consciencious and shows continued concern for the wellbeing of the animals it places with families. Our family has been truly blessed to have Joe. When we first adopted Joe, he was about 18 months old and he just celebrated his 14th birthday this passed January. As you can imagine, we have experienced many changes over the years. Both of our kids have left home for university and their absence is felt by all of us. Joe was very close to our daughter and when she left for school 4 years ago, it was not unusual to find Joe in her room, he appeared to be waiting for her! He still does his nightly check on the house just in case someone may have snuck in when he wasn’t looking. I skype regularily with our son, who has been gone for 2 years now, and Joe continues to react to his voice when he hears him. Joe has a bin of toys in the living room, he will deliver a toy to people when they come to our home. We also run a business out of our home and he makes regular deliveries to out customers as well. He has many human friends and has become a favorite pet to many of them. If, for some reason, a toy is not readily available, Joe will bring a bath towel, tea towel, or God forbid a stray pair of underware to the door when greeting guests! He has a bed upstairs as well as one in the basement and will drag it to where he wants it! He has also inherited many nicknames over the years. The most common is” Smilin Joe” as he almost always has a huge grin on his face when someone comes through the door. He is also called “ Baby” or “Baby Face” There is still a lot of puppy in Joe! That being said, he is starting to show signs of aging. He is grey on his face, is on medication for a thyroid condition, and is taking more care when climbing stairs. He also really enjoys his sleep. One of the best decisions we made was to bring Joe into our lives, I cannot tell you how much he has brought to our family. He is incredibly well behaved, and incrediby loved. Joe spends every day at home with my husband “ helping” to run our business and on the rare occasion when we have to be away, we have a sitter who comes to the house to stay with Joe. He goes to “spa” day every 4 months or so to get his hair and nails done, he is not crazy about this but does enjoy being tidy and even wears the bow with pride for a few days after. Thank you again for your email, we read your newsletters regularily and look at available adoptions as well.

~ Suzy & Mark

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