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Sonny #0395

Gender: male

Status: adopted

I am pleased to report that Sonny is healthy and well and enjoying life as always. A few weeks ago he had a “skunk adventure” but after a skunk-off treatment and a couple of good baths he looks better than ever… he especially likes the hair dryer part of the treatment. After his bath he gets to wear one of my husband’s sweaters to keep warm (see pic attached). Skunks under the verandah are all part of country life, unfortunately. We have a place in Florida so soon he’ll be going south to enjoy walks on the beach and some warmer temps (and no mud, thank goodness)!!!! That’s about it as far as news from here. He has come a long way in socializing with other dogs — he has a young Lab puppy friend that comes to play quite often and another buddy who is a tough little Bulldog. Also, he is such a good boy with our cats — he even gets along with all the barn cats. He’s quite a character.

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