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Colby #0417

Gender: male

Status: adopted

I adopted Colby #417 when he was two years old and he had not had a lot of activity, socialization or interaction. He came from a home where they did not have the time for him. Colby was two but acted like a puppy and required lots of training and attention. Over the years he has become a wonderful dog. He is now very much a part of the family and loves his home on the lake where he swims and plays the days away. He thinks his job is the Lake life guard and keeps a watchful eye out checking for any swimmers or boaters in trouble and will bark or swim out to them if he feels they need help. We are currently fostering dogs who are looking for forever homes and Colby now helps integrate these poor dogs by being their big brother and teaching them how to trust, love and play. The photo I have attached is Colby with my first foster dog Nanook.

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