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Charlie #0429

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Charlie is doing wonderfully. He is healthy, as we figured out the source of his tummy troubles when he came to our home, and he has a beautiful coat, which was also a little thin when he arrived. His smile is amazing and he is a very happy camper being the middle child and all.!! We have an older golden, Malcolm (by 4 months) and our newest addition, Baby Jack, now 2 years old. They all get along very well and the “boys” are awesome when it comes to the baby!!! They are eager to lick messy fingers, faces and high chairs. They get lots of exercise with daily walks and from jumping out of the way of a running baby, as well. Charlie has become a favourite target for all of Jack’s hugs!! He calls him Chu Chu, then runs up to him and plants a huge hug. Yesterday he started giving him a kiss on the nose. Very cute. Charlie is the perfect addition to our family and we are forever grateful that he found us. I can’t imagine him being anywhere but here.

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