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Jack #0494

Gender: male

Status: adopted

We adopted Jack ( or rather he adopted us) in December 2004.  He was 10 months old.  Boy, was he a handful!  Nothing that a little training and a few years under his belt didn’t fix. The poor cat lived upstairs with a baby gate at the bottom for 6 months!  Now they are the best of friends. He has some separation issues and anxiety about new places.  But we chalk that up to being removed from 2 homes.  He loves to swim and he’s a pretty lucky boy as we have a cottage and a pool! The best of both worlds.   He loves everyone he meets.  The joke is, he’d bark at a burglar and then show them where the good stuff is! He loves to lay is head in your lap.  He loves to lean.  He just wants to be with us all the time!  And we don’t complain.  We think he’s the best dog ever, really, I know everyone says that about their dog, but he is!   I could talk about him forever! He’s 10 now, and slowing down, not as many walks or swims.  He has lots of buddies at the cottage, his favourite is my nieces Chocolate Labrador.

We are blessed to have such a great companion and thankful that there are organizations such as Golden Rescue who can give these awesome dogs a second chance!

~ Robyn, Gary, Erin and Brenna

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