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Tyson #0521

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Adopted by his Forever Family at just 5 months old, Tyson “Ty” has totally taken over the household and his canine companion Daisy and the 4 cats that keep them company can’t remember Ty not being here. Ty was very quick to learn, easy to train and has the wonderful Golden temperament that makes him a hit with all the kids when he goes for his nightly walk. Ty is a typical Golden who wants all the attention, all the time, from everyone! He swims laps in the pool, but saves his huge dives for going off the dock at the cottage. Ty came to his family at a time when they were grieving the loss of their 9 year old Golden, Bailey. Although he can’t replace Bailey, Ty has quickly brought the fun back that comes with having a Golden around.

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