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Sam #0647

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Sam has been an absolutely wonderful, faithful and loving boy since we got him in May 2006.  He is a senior dog now and moves around quite a bit slower than he did 9 years ago.  Sam is now losing his hearing and his sight but he still does well on short walks, a toss or two of a ball to retrieve.  He loves his food and lots of treats.  Sam has adjusted well to the arrival of 3 grandchildren in our family over the last few years.  He is not so sure of crawling babies but once they are walking and petting him Sam absolutely adores each of them!  We love him…he’s been a great dog.

~ Jane 

Sam #647 has been with us almost one year now. Wow, how time flies! Sam has fit in perfectly with our family and is a treasured member. We have seen much growth in him since the day we brought him home. For Sam, the bonding has taken some time, but we believe he feels very much a part of our family now. His personality has really come out and he is an absolute hoot! He loves his toys and can’t get enough of play time. He is very well behaved and is really smart… I think he must have come from a really good line of retrievers. Anyhow, we love him dearly and are so thankful to Golden Retriever Rescue for allowing us to bring him home and make him a part of our family. We look forward to many more years with Sam.

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