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Ben #0690

Gender: male

Status: adopted

From the moment Ben #690 aka Bing entered our lives until this moment, he has been everything we could ever want in a fur person. He has a big fenced backyard, learned to steal cucumbers from the neighbours garden (hehehe), and a wonderful playmate, our one-year-old Yorkie that he adores and protects. He goes to the cottage each year and spends his entire days on the water dock, chasing sticks and swimming with Sonny and Cher, two ducks who adopted us. This is a dog that had some aggression issues but is overcoming them. We watch him closely but all he wants is to love and please everyone. He underwent obedience training and is a joy to have around. He loves the bed, loves the couches, and loves us… what more could we possibly ask for…the light of our lives…our boy Ben… thank you Golden Rescue! You will never know how much joy you have brought to our lives with Ben!

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