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Ted #0723

Gender: male

Status: adopted

From the small, dark, dirty dungeon of a puppy mill …to the great big outdoorsy guy he is today! Ted (AKA Tinker Tunes’Ted, Theadorable, Tedder the bear, Zipp’id’d’dooo’dah…) was able to forget his emotional and physical scaring and move on up and into a positive and loving environment where he currently is …at 15 years old! In the past 6 years, he has seen the world from car, canoe, snowshoe and sang a couple of tunes with his 2-legged buddies.

Although his mobility isn’t what it used to be… he loves to roll, roll and roll more. Tedder still goes to work with his dad and get’s tones of loving attention and will into his ending days.

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