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Casey #0815

Gender: female

Status: adopted

Daisy is very taken with her little brother, Casey. The two of them play so well together and both like to play with the neighbour’s dog, Kadar. We are lucky to have two large lots fenced in and all three dogs have the run. In the summer they all love the wading pool and the water toys. Casey seems to have always belonged here and I can’t imagine life without him. At Christmas, Casey was curious about the tree but didn’t touch it; he would just sit and look at it, how cute is that! Daisy knew about her stocking but with each thing pulled out of Casey’s, he would look up and you would think he smiled. He loves the snow and loves to run, drop, and roll in it… almost like making snow angels. I have been very lucky with Casey and all the wonderful people I have met connected with Golden Rescue. What a wonderful job you all do. Thank you for saving our Casey!

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