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Ginger #0819

Gender: female

Status: adopted

In June of 2007, we had to put our beloved Maggie, the eldest of our two Golden Girls, to sleep due to invasive cancer. Apart from our own devastation, our younger dog Laura was inconsolable. We knew we could never just have one dog, so we registered with Golden Rescue Canada. We were fortunate to be able to adopt Ginger #819 in July. At the age of five she was more like a puppy. Her interim foster parents loved her to death and were SO helpful in the many observations they had made in a few short weeks. She needed lots of TLC. She left with us for our Prince Edward Island summer home in July and thrived there. She is very affectionate and has a sweet loving personality. She and Laura are BEST friends, and they love to ‘play’ fight in our backyard. Some highlights in her life are sleeping on her dog bed at the foot of ours, giving LOTS of kisses to us and to Laura, turning her food bowl upside down to let us know she is ready to eat, playing tug of war, retrieving ‘lots’ of interesting objects, and just being an adorable girl. Thanks Golden Rescue Canada!

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