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Schooner #0828

Gender: male

Status: adopted

When I picked up Schooner #828, he had a face lesion and was on antibiotics. He was very sick with infection and was not interested in food or exercise. I thought it was great!! He was so passive and demanded little exercise.Then I took him to the vet and they diagnosed him with an abscessed tooth. They pulled the rotten tooth and Schooner came alive! Now every morning and evening we walk on the beach of Lake Ontario. We are still working on walking on a leash without pulling my arms out of the sockets but that will come with discipline, I hope!! He is always on watch for birds and squirrels from my living room window. He is a very good boy in the house. He is very quiet and only barks when necessary. The odd time I do find treasures in his bed like my mitts, hat, scarf, etc. He is my lamb and I absolutely adore him. A very happy Mommy!

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