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Buddy #0829

Gender: male

Status: adopted

We adopted our precious Buddy in August of 2007, thanks to a friend telling us that her daughter was fostering him for Golden Rescue.  Buddy had a rough start in life – abandoned by a highway and mistreated but he has come an incredibly long way, has overcome some fears and has a heart and temperament of pure gold.

He is a grateful boy who loves affection and love more than food – yes, he has us trained to give him kisses before he’ll even take his food these days! We feel truly blessed to have him as our forever Bud.  Our families treasure him and the affection and unconditional love that he gives non stop to everyone equally. His favourite activities are swimming, chewing sticks, running with his pals, eating “Buddy Biscuits”, traveling with us but most of all just being loved – this is what our Buddy lives for more than anything. We call him “The Sweetness” because we’ve never met a sweeter boy…we are truly blessed to be a part of his life!

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