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Josie #0844
Kelly #0843
Status: adopted

For many years now, since our daughter could talk, she has been asking for a dog. Whenever we went for walks, we could not pass a dog, even the not so friendly ones without her asking. Life circumstances prevented our family from undertaking pet ownership until this past summer. After many discussions about the appropriate type of dog and feeling the need to open our home to a dog in need ~ we struck Gold(en). My trainer from the YMCA, who also happened to be a foster parent for Golden Rescue referred us. After completing the application ,we waited (not so patiently) for a couple of months for the phone to ring. In September 2007, we received a call that there were two lovely half sisters available for adoption. One look was all it took and the entire clan fell in love with Josie and Kelly. Since that time, we have had the privilege of calling the girls part of our family. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer pair. Everywhere we go, these girls are social and love to be loved. Thanks you to everyone at Golden Rescue for all that you do to support the adoption of such wonderful animals. We also wish to say a special thank you to the previous owners, as these girls were obviously loved and cared for in a way that allowed them to adjust beautifully to their new home.

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