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Oliver #0846

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Here is an update on our boy OLIVER. He is a very gentle boy and is extremely affectionate and protective. He is also very playful with a great sense of humour. When he sees or hears any animal on TV, he runs to the screen and whines and follows the animal across the screen. It can be another dog, cat, horse, cow, bird, or insect… it doesn’t matter. It is so funny to watch. Oliver loves to bark and chase the deer away. He loves being groomed every day. As you can see from some pictures I have forwarded, he thinks he is a lap dog. Oliver loves to sit on my lap and watch sports. He likes to follow a golf ball or football as it moves across the TV. Oliver loves lots of exercise and is happy and healthy and his addition to our family has more than fulfilled any expectations we had.

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