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Rusty #0883

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Rusty meets dozens of people every day because we bring him and our cat Sally to work with us every day. We own a small winery in Buckhorn and they are both important members of our work force. Rusty spends most of his day on the front deck waiting for customers to come along to pet him. People love to see him! Rusty’s previous owners had two wishes for Rusty ~ that he would not be left alone and that he gets to play in water. They would be very pleased to know that Rusty is rarely alone and has constant attention from us and the many visitors to our winery. At the end of the day, we go home where we live on a beautiful lake where Rusty plays every evening. In the summer, my husband and I paddleboat up the lake and Rusty runs and swims up the shore line with us. Our cat, Sally, rides on the paddleboat with us and watches what Rusty is doing. Rusty’s favourite thing to do is pull rocks out of the lake. He loves it! Unfortunately, his teeth are showing a little wear for all the rocks he carries in his mouth. He is very happy, we love him, and we take very good care of him. I would like to thank all of you at Golden Rescue for all you do for the breed. Both Rusty and Sally are very good ambassadors for rescue animals. Our customers always ask where they came from and about the program. I know they have inspired many people to adopt a pet.

~ Trish

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