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Darby #0908

Gender: male

Status: adopted

I had just signed up to get the email messages about Goldens needing a new home when Darby, #908 our new 11 month old bundle of energy & fun was posted.  My husband sent me the email at work where I let out a whoop of joy;we had finally found our new dog.   He has been in our life now for almost four months now and we can’t remember a time when he did not live with us. His brother Poco (our 11 month old kitten) quite likes him. Thank you Golden Rescue for our newest little (I use the term loosely) charmer.  All who meet and greet him on our walks fall in love with him.  He is quickly learning to bask in the affection.  He is realizing that humans aren’t all bad.

Thanks Golden Rescue.

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