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Keiffer #0939

Gender: male

Status: adopted

My name is Keiffer and I came to my “forever home “  on Easter Sunday  2008.  I was rescued when I was only 3 months old and spent a month with my wonderful foster parents.

Mama and Papa lost their beloved 9 year old golden, Khali, in February of 2008.  They were absolutely devastated as was Kobbi ( their 3 year old golden).  A dear friend suggested that they submit an application to Golden Rescue and little did they know that I was just waiting for them and was just what they were looking for!!  I am full of boundless energy, smart, give kisses all the time and of course am very cute!  Kobbi and I are inseparable and we are best buddies.

P.S.   Stan and I (aka Mama & Papa) are the lucky ones!  Keiffer is just a delight and we love him to pieces.  Thank you  Golden Rescue for matching us with our sweet golden boy Keiffer.

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