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Spy #0940

Gender: male

Status: adopted

Spy came to us as a three year old male full of enthusiasm. We had been two years without a dog after our beloved fourteen year old Golden, “Mandy” sadly succumbed to old age. Spy was a large, very strong and willful male with little or no training in basic good manners. We quickly enrolled in some private lessons with a trainer, which allowed us to at least go for a walk without dislocating our shoulders but he still was very much the “alpha male”. In December, by chance I ran into the most amazing dog trainer. This has enabled us to work with Spy and for him to become the incredible dog and family pet we knew he was. Spy loves the outdoors whether it is chasing after a ball into the lake at the cottage or just going for long walks or runs. He has such a wonderful personality and at times he can be quite the goof, giving us some good laughs at his antics. We feel we really lucked out with him and know the feeling is mutual.

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