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Cody #0970

Gender: male

Status: adopted

This is a Golden who was very well loved in his original home. He is full of life, cuddly as a bear, and a gentle soul. Everywhere we take him, people say they love him. Cody joined Jazz, Rescue #903 in our home this year. He is the perfect balance for her and for us. Our children are delighted to hug him every day. He and Jazz love to wrestle together and play with a large variety of toys. He has great joy in his heart when he runs around the house with a rope or squeaky duck! He loves his long off-leash walks in the forest or local parks. We want to thank his original owners for showing him so much love and reassure them that he is well taken care of. Golden Rescue has truly made another successful match with Cody and Jazz! We are very blessed to have them both in our lives.

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